Our Services

Our team of highly rated analysts provide coverage and research on key sectors and macroeconomic insights.

01. Equity Market Services

We act as a Broker on behalf of esteemed clients in executing the clients’ buy and sell order as swiftly as possible and ensure that settlement payment and recovery of securities instrument are done in a promptly and time manner. This is one of the services we provide to our esteemed clients where we help them in buying and selling of the shares/stocks/bonds on the floor of the Nigeria Stock Exchange Market (NSE), Nigerian Association of Securities Dealers Market (NASD).

02. Fixed Income Market Investment

We act on behalf of our clients as Fixed Income Trader/Dealer bring our expertise to the fore to provide a flawless execution platform on Debt Securities such as Bonds, Treasury Bills, Commercial Paper, Bankers Acceptance etc. on FMDQ/OTC Exchange Securities.. Our seamless process right from the receipt of Orders to Trade Notification ensures that the process of trading securities through Financial Trust Company is stress-free and efficiently done. Our Funds Managers actively involve our clients in decision making for the management of their portfolio, in accordance with their set objective.

03. Executorship Management

It is a service we provide that enable us to manage shares held by a deceased shareholder on behalf of his/her children or other dependant after the private trust instrument has been legally executed. The shares could also be transferred/endorsed to the Administrators of the Estate of the Deceased.

04. Search & Reconcile

We provide this service to the existing and prospective customers that are designed to search and reconcile shareholders account with various Registrars within Nigeria, with Stockbroking houses and Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS) as regards their Share Certificates as well as their Dividend payment).

05. Registrars Liaison Management

It is a service we provide to the valued customers where we liaise and assist them due to our long strategic relationship management we have with the various Registrars in the Nigeria Capital Market. We provide assistance in terms of their Shares Certificate Verifications, Replacement and Re-Issuance, and other related registrars transactions.

06. Investment Advisory Management

Our investment Management advisory services team provides Investment Management Solutions and Advisory Services to our various clients social status within the Nigeria Capital Market across the nation.