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FTG and Feather Invest Start 2023 with their New Launch of Liquidity products to Nigerian Investors

Financial Trust Group in conjunction with its partner; Feather Invest launches an ambitious yet innovative product that provides liquidity solution to Nigerian investors and entrepreneurs.
“Stock loans now allow us to offer clients fast loans backed by their traded stocks/bonds and also allow them to enjoy the benefit of their holdings. This solution has been a dream come true where we solve major liquidity hurdles for businesses and investors across the country” said Mr. Alexander Ajayi Omoniyi – Executive Chairman, Financial Trust Group.
While this has been a task of pride and excitement for FTG’s leadership and clients, Feather Invest has described this partnership as a cornerstone in the build-up of their international footprint offering stock loans and international transfer services across 80 stock exchanges across the world.
“The Nigerian economy is one of the largest in Africa. We are truly humbled by the trust and team spirit Feather Invest has with the wider FTG leadership and team members to offer our Stock loans products in Nigeria”,
Said Mr. Wael Khattab – Executive Director – Feather Invest.
“A job well done”,
said both teams describing this partnership. “We have done our best on all aspects to secure regulatory buy-in and create an environment of safety and transparency while executing the various transactions in the coming months”.

About Feather Invest

Feather Invest is a Private Capital and Private Equity Merchant Bank and loan origination firm set up in 2016 with offices in UAE and Egypt.
Feather Invest currently offers private credit loan origination business for securities lending, trade finance, project finance in more than 120 countries and has recently expanded its business to cover international transfer services globally with major global bank in institutions serving international trade transactions.
Feather Invest also has particular focus on private equity and industrial growth transactions in Africa, Middle East and Turkey with a group of leading operating companies and white label operations across the region.
The firm currently has its footprint in London, Egypt, and Turkey.

About Financial Trust Company Ltd

Incorporated in Nigeria on the 11th of May, 1976 under the Companies Act 1968 and is privately owned. It was duly licensed to carry out stockbroking business having been admitted to dealing membership of the then Lagos Stock Exchange (Now The Nigerian Stock Exchange) in 1977. The Company is one of the leading stock brokerage firms in Nigeria, being the FIRST indigenous stockbroking company, FTG has been very active as one of the leading operators in capital market and has on several occasions acted as broker to the Federal Government development stocks.